Deploy True Passwordless™ Desktop MFA Across Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac, Linux and VDI


secure true passwordless login to all workstations & sso

HYPR’s Advanced Credential Providers extends True Passwordless Security across Windows, MacOS, Linux workstations and Virtual Desktops. HYPR empowers Passwordless Single Sign-On Experiences and Even Supports Windows 7.

desktop mfa has finally arrived

Deploy the HYPR Desktop Client across your workforce and eliminate password-based authentication to mobile, web and  workstation applications.

Enroll multiple devices with hypr’s advanced Credential provider

Save Thousands Of Hours In Help Desk Costs by Eliminating Password Resets

Enroll Multiple iOS and Android Devices Across Mac and Windows Workstations

Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation and Eliminate Shared Secrets Across the Enterprise


Fully Interoperable with All Authenticators

No mobile device? No Problem. HYPR supports all built-in biometrics and platform authenticators such as Windows Hello as well as FIDO authentication tokens such as Google Titan and Yubikey.


Secure Passwordless VDI and roaming user login

Not even Microsoft can do this. HYPR is one of the first true passwordless login solutions for VDI workstations – just another one of the reasons why enterprises are choosing HYPR.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

offline mode – use hypr anywhere

You don’t need to remember your password, and network access is not required. HYPR’s mobile client is so easy it works on an airplane.


Deploy CROSS-CLOUD OR on-prem

Deploy True Passwordless Security your way. – behind the firewall or on Azure, AWS, or GCP.

IDP Logos

native plugins for your existing idp

You don’t need to replace your existing IdP stack. HYPR Provides out of the box plugins for all Identity Providers so you can get up and running in minutes.

A simple and intuitive onboarding experience

Our user experience teams work closely with enterprises to perfect the optimal user onboarding flow. HYPR takes the hard work out of your UX optimization while giving you full control over logo and branding elements.


explore the platform

Find out how HYPR combines open standards with decentralized authentication to enable true passwordless security.

Read the ciso’s guide

This white paper by Ed Amoroso provides security and IT managers with a high-level executive overview of the typical deployment process for HYPR.

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